Run your notebooks on a server without you

I had the need to run some notebooks on a server so I could access them remotely and keep them running permanently, so I did something quick using headless chrome. It occurred to me that other people might find this useful. Would anyone be interested in a service/library like this?

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I am sure the folk on this thread would like to know more:

Please share!

Ha, ok! Very rudimentary - but this is the basic idea:

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sweet! I shared the link to it in the other thread

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I’ve added a dockerify branch which wraps the whole thing in a container, and can be launched, e.g. on

make run-hyper NOTEBOOK=

As an example, I’ve done this and attached a floating ip. With the right version of chrome/canary/chromium you can attach to the remote debugger here:

(though I will likely kill the container at some point)

I built some bots (trading cryptos :slight_smile:) inside notebooks, which is why I wanted something like this to run them. I wonder if others would find it useful to press a button and run a daemon/server from their notebook.

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