Retrieving target value

In case of an d3.attrTween, I can retrieve the target value as this

How can I do the same for d3.tween(), I tried the same and it did not work.

Thank you in advance

I’m not sure I understand the question fully, but maybe this will help:

     .tween("_", function () {
       return function (t) {
         const r = d3.interpolateNumber(200, 0)(t);
         circ.attr("r", r);
         return r;

I am extremely sorry and apologize for not properly explaining the question.

When I am building a transition by changing the value of a particular attribute (r in this case) to a target value (0 in this case from 200 to 0), I desire for this target value to be retrieved through a callback to be utilized in another one.

If I use d3.attrTween I can do that as showed here. I am asking how can I do the same in case of d3.tween?

Thanks. Then please try the suggestion above

Thanks, one follow-up question to this, Is it also possible for a d3 callback to return the attribute that has been targeted in transition?