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Retain search results

Often want to look at multiple of search results but each time I return to search it is cleared. Would either like search results as a panel on side or search results retained during session and I have to clear to change query.

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I agree! You may know this, but fwiw — in the new search pop-up (visible on notebook pages in “Next”), you can now Cmd-Click (Ctrl-Click on Windows) to open results in new tabs without dismissing the results. This has helped me a lot, compared to Classic. If I’m gonna be referring to a ton of results I click “View all 972 results →”, though it then has to load all over again.

But your point stands. I’d love a persistent sidebar; we’ve sketched that before. Also just want search to be faster, which affects all other search ux, ha… :innocent:

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(maybe my screenshot is too obvious but some people coming across this may not know what i mean by “the new search pop-up in Next” as opposed to the other one on our homepage etc…)

I do right click to open multiple when I know that more are interesting…but I don’t always know that I should go back and look at more of them, and so would like persistent results.

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