Rerun of cell required for desired axis to work

Heya, first time using Observable and enjoying it so far, just some things I have to get used to.

So, I have this notebook:
When you load it you will see the left on the image below:

Notices the 9M to 10M on the y axis and 5K to 6K on the x axis don’t seem quite right.

When I just rerun the cells yScaleTopToBottom and xScaleLeftToRight at the bottom, without changing anything in the cell, I get the right side of the image below (desired outcome)

This seems reproducable and is likely not a bug, and instead a a problem with my code. Would appreciate any feedback or suggestions of what I could try!

Edit: I think I resolved this. I think it was a mistake I made in how I declared the domains for the lower part of the x and the y axes.