Real time import from google forms

Hi, I’m new to observable so sorry if this has been asked - but I couldn’t see a similar question. Is there a way of integrating directly with google forms so that I can see realtime updates from surveys as people complete forms or do I have to download a spreadsheet and import that…which would be periodic as it would rely on me to generate the spreadsheet download. Thanks!

hi @vin67, you can link your google form responses to a spreadsheet

Then you can publish it as a CSV and follow this Observable template

When you publish to the web, you have an option to keep it updated as changes are made.


Thank you @radames! That was exactly what I needed to understand. Much appreciated!

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Here’s a notebook I created that pulls in data from a google spreadsheets page Data from Google Spreadsheets test 001 / Andrew Wooldridge / Observable

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