Read and display all files in a folder

I have something like to read and display excel files as a table:

x = FileAttachment("file1.xlsx").xlsx()
df = x.sheet(0, { headers: true })

How do i do this for any number of files in a folder?

FileAttachment can only read files that have been uploaded, and thus appear in the attachments for your notebook. It can’t read from you local disk, so the concept of folders is not something you can make use of.

I wasn’t actually thinking of local disk. I was thinking of files on server side or perhaps files on the internet, say URLs to files. I don’t know exactly how many files are available, so I am thinking of a loop or something to read the files and display as tables to start with. If that works, I want to add plots to it.

Depending on where the folder is (google drive, perhaps?) you could read the file list using fetch APIs. Something like this and then process them further from there.

Are the URLs to a server you own? Or someone else? The difficulty will come from getting the remote server to “tell” you what files are available.