Rapid D3 visualizations with ChatGPT

I recently created an OSS project for generating D3 code with ChatGPT: GitHub - rbren/vizzy: Data Visualization with LLMs

Would love to hear what y’all think!


Hi @rbren
I am very interested in this help tool. I am not a coder in any form, I am training stable diffusion models and I need a tool to help me create vizualisations of my datasets.

I am getting this error. Not sure it works for me, eventhough I have a working Open api token.

This is the file i entered, a csv with a list of character image filenames which include 1) character name, 2) crop type, and 3) type of image, and additionally the frequency of tokens in the caption txt files that are paired with each image.

I would like to get a wordcloud for the caption frequencies, and a Sunburst viz for the breakdown of images according to categories above (crop, type)…

Hey @rafrafraf, I think we connected on GitHub, but seems like your OpenAI account needs to be funded. Open Api Issues · Issue #1 · rbren/vizzy · GitHub

Your use case sounds like a good one though!