radar, scaling colours is this the best way?

I don’t think I am doing this the most elegant way as it’s not following the functional programming pattern. I have ported the core into observable from JS.

I have two scales, First is a scaleQuantize() that converts the number sectors in a circle into 4 quadrants and assigns a common colour to each quadrant.
The second is a scaleLinear() that takes that colour and based on the ring it is in darkens it to black.

This is very ugly and I am hoping there is a better way to do this.

function QC (sector, ring) {
   let QuadColour = d3.scaleQuantize()
					.domain([0, teTracks[ring].sectors.length])
					.range(['#f8e862', '#5cd516', '#1b50ca', '#b987d9']);

  let QuadRingColour = d3.scaleLinear()
					.domain([0, 4])
					.range([QuadColour(sector), "black"]);  //  domain is 4 as we dont want it to be black

return QuadRingColour(teTracks[ring].ring)
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Refactored the code so the sector colour is not defined when I make all the track data. I think it’s kind of right now. Was just unsure about my coding style.

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