python syntax highlighting

I wonder why python

 is not highlighted…

Observable uses a custom build of highlight.js which only includes support for:

  • CSS,
  • JavaScript (aliases js, jsx),
  • JSON, and
  • XML (aliases: html, xhtml, rss, atom, xjb, xsd, xsl, plist)

(this was true last time I looked into this, which was around November).

A search of observable notebooks turns up

But there are also surely a bunch of javascript projects with syntax highlighting for python already built in that could be imported into a notebook.

Importing highlight.js

highlight = require('')

then explicitly calling it seems to work.

code = html`<pre><code class=python> ...`
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Works perfectly. Thank you.

An update from our side: we just greatly expanded the range of languages that can be highlighted in ``` blocks in Markdown. Languages are now loaded asynchronously when we need them, so everything from Haskell to SQL is now supported.


Works excellently.

Where should we go to report bugs in the syntax highlighting? (For example, when highlighting Matlab the .' operator for transposing a matrix is treated as the start of a string, and everything gets messed up thereafter.)

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