Private data in csv format


I am wondering if there is a way to use private data in the notebook in the csv format.
I have tried to research this topic and I am aware it is possible with database connections, but is there a similar way to do so with a simple local file? Would just attaching csv file work or is it not secure for the private data?

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Hi Maria, and welcome to the forum.

You might wish to read Introduction to Data

In sum: there are many ways, including 1) to ‘in-line’ your CSV data (as shown in the notebook linked above), and 2) to attach it as a file attachment.

When in-lining your data, remember that you’ll need a tool to help you parse the CSV file. In the example, Mike uses d3 for this.

Does this help?

Can you elaborate what you would consider as secure? As long as you don’t link-share or publish your notebook it will only be accessible to you.

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It does. Thank you!