Plot: Mouse over

I’m trying to draw border around bars on mouse over in this Plot - Vacation Gantt / hashg / Observable

Something similar to this

I could not find any API to attain this here - Observable Plot / Observable / Observable

Plot doesn’t have interactions (yet). For now, you can use the svg it returns and animate it with css or javascript.

For example:

html`<style>svg g:nth-of-type(5) rect:hover { stroke: black; stroke-width: 3 }`


  const container ="g[aria-label]:nth-of-type(5)");
  const rects = container.selectAll("rect");
  rects.on("mouseenter", function () {
    rects.attr("rx", null).classed("highlight", false);"rx", 4).classed("highlight", true);
  return html`<style>rect.highlight {stroke: black; stroke-width: 4;}`
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Thank you for quick solution. :+1: