Plot: group and sort question

I have a sorting problem I need some help on. The notebook example has 2 charts. Chart 1 has the grouping by vote sorted and labeled in the legend correctly.

In chart 2 I would like to have the x axis display the individual congressmen OR senators vote but be grouped by vote & display the appropriate color in the legend like in chart 1.

I hope this makes sense- any help is appreciated in advance

If you need individual points, you can remove the group operation; use x: 1 instead to create a bar of width 1 for each person:

Plot.barX(bill, {x: 1, y: "Party", fill: "Vote", inset: 0.5, sort: {y: "x", reverse: true}, title: (d) => d.Name + "\n" + d.Party + "\n" + d.Chamber + "\n" + d.Vote}),

Thank you - that worked!