Plot: displaying "sum" in text mark

I have been trying to display the “sum” values of a group transform in the bar chart.
Here is the plot code.

  width: 600,
  height: 300,
  x: {
    grid: true
  marks: [
    Plot.barX(dashboard_data, Plot.groupY({x: "sum"}, {x: "article_count", y: "topic"})),
    Plot.text(dashboard_data, Plot.groupY({x: "sum"}, {x: "article_count", y: "topic", text: "article_count", textAnchor: "end", dy: 10})),


You can add text to the output of the group transform:

Plot.text(dashboard_data, Plot.groupY({text: "sum", x: "sum"}, {x: "article_count", y: "topic", text: "article_count", textAnchor: "end", dy: 10}))

Thanks - that worked great! I added a filter but do not see the sum text?

Plot.barX(dashboard_data.filter(d => d.time_period === timeselect), Plot.groupY({x: "sum"}, {x: "article_count", y: "topic", fill: "topic", fillOpacity: 1})),
Plot.barX(dashboard_data.filter(d => d.time_period === timeselect), Plot.groupY({text: "sum", x: "sum"}, {x: "article_count", y: "topic", text: "article_count", textAnchor: "start", dx: 10})),

Looks like you need Plot.text instead of Plot.barX in the second line?

That was it - thanks!