Plot - Configure X-axis

I would like to learn on how to configure x-axis to make them more readable

Sometimes the padding works but for dates, they just lump everything up together

In the example below, how can i make dates readable by month only or rotate it by 90 degrees??


For the bar mark, the domain is ordinal, which implies that each date gets a tick, and a missing date is skipped.

Instead of barY one can use an areaY mark, with curve: “step” to give it the same shape.

Alternatively, if you still want individual bars, “bin” the dates by day and use rectY marks. But in that case the bars might not be wide enough to be well displayed, since there are many days.

Here’s my suggestion: Comparing ‘Total Covid-19 Tests vs New CasesMalaysia’ by Stanley Seow to ‘Total Covid-19 Tests vs New CasesMalaysia’ by Fil

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Also your date column has mixed data types of “Date” and “String”, you should probably coerce them to the same type prior to feeding into Plot?