Please Fix the world map about Taiwan and China

The color of taiwan should be the same as China.

The taiwan is a part of China.

Appreciate you !

I believe the underlying data being used in the above visualization is from: so you may want to raise an issue there?

If your goal is to validate all the incorrect data sources on Observable HQ you have quite a job!


The data is fetch by ??

Yes, that is published from here: which clearly states what data its using…

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The issue is the data, and the data is Natural earth data.

All world map is build by those data.

So, it’s just fix data, the issue will be fixed.

and the data is not hard to fixed.

Yes its that simple - but since you know more about the “correctness of the underlying data”, you should probably be the person to raise the issue with the Natural Earth Data folks?


I’m submiting issue to Natural Earth Data on Github.

About other ppl fork that data , I don’t know how to do .

I just hope Natual Earth Data will be fix , and ObservableHQ fix it.

I hope I can fix it myself. but how ?


Delete it in countries.json ???

and in land.json ???

and How let China contain taiwan at the end of word map ?

If you gald to help me, that’s really appreciate you !

  1. Download the JSON file with the error.
  2. Fix it in notepad (or similar)
  3. Add the fixed JSON as a FileAttachement in your notebook
  4. Visualize it!
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Thank you .

Just Delete


in countries.json ???

I’ll try it.

There’s an error after delete



The JSON you modified is not correctly formated. It seems that you deleted more } than {

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Thanks. the error msg be fixed.

But the map is sitll wrong.

How let China map contains Taiwan ?

You would have to manipulate the TopoJSON object to merge the multipolygons associated to China and to Taiwan in the original JSON. The @mbostock tutorial here: might help, or you could use QGis or that kind of tools.

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Thank you so much ! @severo

It’s really hard to do for non-code ppl.

I really feel that some luxury brands are not deliberately insulting China, but a series of political problems caused by incorrect basic data, which has not been fixed in time.

I see that you’ve gone ahead and raised the isssue on Natural Earth’s Github, which is a reasonable thing to do. If you’d like to fix the issue on the Observable side, you can simply set the life expectancy in Taiwan to be the same as the that in China. Here’s a fork, of the original notebook that does so:

Of course, one could do the same thing with Greenland/Denmark and Somaliland/ Somalia.

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Thank you @mcmcclur

Thank you notice that I’ve post on issue on Github.

Yes I forked. and the way of delete taiwan ID is wrong .

Oh no. I never know it. Hope Natural Earth will be fixed at the same time.

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It seems important to note that this is definitely not a technical error. People living in Taiwan, in particular, might object to such a “fix”.

One can argue that it is the same country, and it is a respectable point of view. But it is not insulting to China to clarify that Taiwan has a separate government, which leads its own policies and produces its own statistics (incl. on health).

In particular, life expectancy in Taiwan —which the WHO doesn’t publish in this dataset—, is in reality closer to the European Union’s (~80 years, rank 40) that to the People’s Republic of China (~76.5 years, rank 84).

The world has many disputed areas, including Kashmir (Siachen), the Ilemi Triangle, Northern Cyprus, Western Sahara (among others). It’s a given for cartographers that we have to make a choice on how to represent these regions, depending on the subject matter—and those choices will never satisfy everyone on the planet.

Natural Earth have made their own choices which they clearly state in a Disclaimer: “Natural Earth Vector draws boundaries of countries according to defacto status. We show who actually controls the situation on the ground. Please feel free to mashup our disputed area themes to match your particular political outlook.”

(Note that, since I object to some of these choices, I too maintain my own fork of the “world-atlas”, which also fixes a few technical issues.)

Good luck!


Agree. not a technical issue or error.

Sorry I use " Fix" this word. If have better word to be described ,I’ll change it .Thanks.

Also respect .

The issue is sombody can’t use that map data. or observableHQ in China or publish url to china website. other palces the same.

Thank you . @Fil

I think MapBox (but it might be OpenStreet) presents different borders based on where the request for the map tiles originated from (which is an interesting “solution”).

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IMHO it would be better understood if you clarify your “political reason” at first, rather than asserting something’s wrong without any references.