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Hi community, we are working on an idea to enable data scientists/analysts/engineers to be able to monetize their charts and dashboards. Does Observable support making custom components? For example, a user can set up a paywall for their dashboards.

I was going through the documents and examples but haven’t figured out how to achieve that. Any suggestions are highly appreciated.


have you read Advanced Embedding and Downloading / Observable / Observable ?

you can get at private notebooks with an apiKey e.g. Team embed / Endpoint Services / Observable but you need to hide it in a backend service. I myself have create a way to place serverless http handlers inside (even private) notebooks so you can gate the innards (, maybe something like that would work?

Sorry, I don’t follow. Do you mean that this is how to make a “custom module” for Observable?

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all notebooks are ES6 modules, the way to create a custom module is to create a notebook. (if that’s what we mean by module). Notebooks can import other notebooks, so you can build on top of other peoples abstractions.

If you want a paywall, you perhaps want to gate access to private notebooks. Private notebooks are a feature of teams Getting started with Teams / Observable / Observable

My earlier post was about getting access to private team notebooks, which is how I would hide content on Observable. Though, as discussed by triptych on mootari’s linked issue, there is also another path using unguessable URLs in public notebooks.

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Thank you very much @tomlarkworthy @mootari for your speedy responses. I have spent past few months in the blockchain space and found that the openness of the blockchain data has enabled a growing decentralized network of independent data analysts/engineers. The paywall idea was inspired by that trend.

It seems like the current design of ObservableHQ is mainly for team collaborations within an organization.

It seems like the current design of ObservableHQ is mainly for team collaborations within an organization.

for teams yes, but also its about open collaboration between individuals (i.e. FREE users) on public notebooks.

Getting a paywall in is hard, but ultimately, this is a programming environment and you can acheive pretty much anything with programming + creativity + time. For example, is possible to push artifacts to a central location for instance, if you wanted to host the discovery service elsewhere and put the paywall there. That would allow even FREE users to mask their URLs perhaps.

EDIT: my notebooks are exported here for instance:

Thank you. I was comparing it with Streamlit which allows 3rd party developers to add custom components. That approach seems to be easier for me.