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Pairplot with Plots?

I am trying to construct a grid of plots, similar to facets, but where the rows and columns are associated with different channel-value mappings, and possibly also different marks along the diagonal.

Specifically, I would like to produce the equivalent of a seaborn pairplot. I feel like there should be a clever way to accomplish this with the existing facets, but I haven’t found it yet. Vegalite has a concept of repetition that is distinct from facets to support this.

I couldn’t find an existing solution with search, but has anyone already made progress on this type of plot?

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We don’t have a generic solution for this, but here are two links:

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Scroll a bit down on Plot: CFD + Run + Leadtime Distribution / Martien van Steenbergen / Observable to find a first, rough stab at having views horizontal and facets vertical (or the other way around).

facets—same view on different (subsets) of the data;
views—different views on the same (subset) of the data;

Uses css grid.

Needs cleaning up!

Would really value some feedback.