page freeze on click with safari

Still me with the same probleme as here D3js panzoom with big number of point how to improve? - #3 by jipexu
I make a new simple notebook Chinese rivers / jipexu / Observable with different data and i get the same problem…
if i click on the map the page freeze and only reload can escape (safari testing only)
this code embeded in a website Grottes et karsts de Chine - 中国的洞穴与喀斯特 - Caves and karsts of China give the same problem…

It seems that is the same behavior with different data …

one of the only common point between this two notebooks is the “size” of the files used (or probably perhaps the to big number of arrays (29900 and 77290) ???

one other question why the reaction to a zoom work and the reaction to a click give this problem ? It seems is not an observable or D3js problem but only a safari problem in relation with what ? (the size of the object > arrays ?)

How to solve this any advice are welcome thanks !

ah it seems is a safari only problem ? (Version 14.0.2 (16610.
just tested on chrome and FF it’s work !

Sampling the stuck process in macOS’s inspector indicates that it’s stuck in the computeEditability function. :astonished:

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Perhaps it helps to create an object URL for the SVG and set the URL as background-image?

thanks @Fil and @mootari for your answer
@Fil even i dont understand anything it seems that is probably not a good new ?..
@Fil and mootari
even i dont understand any things, for me this behavior is also in relation with the “size” in this example Shuanghedongqun 双河洞 / jipexu / Observable sh_sta_0 and sh_sta_p are similar except their size we can still play with sh_sta_0 (the smallest) but no way with sh_sta_p … are you agree ?