p5JS code running but not doing anything


I found a neat little scrolling multi-scale tiles demo on openprocessing. I’m not exactly a fan of open processing, so I decided to try and move it into Observable Notebooks.

After a bit of brain-mashing, I got the code “running”.“Running” because it has no errors but is also not creating a canvas. I’m still slightly new to Observable and JS so I decided to ask here for help! The openprocessing link is in the notebook.

Here’s the notebook link: https://observablehq.com/d/8b4bcd30fda31d4f

It may look like I want to publish it, but I’m just making it for personal use and I couldn’t find another place that supported p5JS. (And I could figure out how to use)

Sorry for my terrible english.

It looks like a scoping issue, functions in the motif cell are not in scope of the mySketch cell.

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