o.URL is not a constructor

Trying to require Twilio npm module with twilio = require('https://bundle.run/twilio@3.48.2') which works, but when I try to pass it my Twilio credentials `{
const client = new twilio("my-account0sid, Secret(“TWILIO_AUTH_TOKEN”));
const messages = client.messages.list({limit: 20})
.then(messages => messages.forEach(m => console.log(m.sid)));
return messages;

I geto.URL is not a constructor`
and haven’t found a way to import this to analyze previous text messages.

It seems that whatever was used by bundle.run to shim nodejs’ url, did so for an older version where url.Url was present, but not url.URL:

My recommendation for debugging these types of issues in Observable would be:

  1. load your notebook, open dev tools
  2. enable “pause on exceptions” and “pause on caught exceptions” (important, because Observable catches all errors)
  3. rerun the cell that triggers the error

(While loading a notebook, only have both of those options enabled if you really must, because you’ll get a lot of noise.)

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By the way, there is already an issue for this problem on Github:

Please note that the maintainer advises against the use of the twilio package on the client side:

At a high-level, this repo should not be used in a client-side (React) app. Communicating with Twilio APIs requires auth which would be exposed to the end-user. Blog about this and how to re-architect: https://www.twilio.com/blog/send-an-sms-react-twilio