Notion-like Editable tables

Hey there, I am a pro user of Notion and Observable.

My major issue in either tools is that Notion doesn’t have computability and Observable doesn’t have easy to edit datasets features (in particular notion tables that can be edited and used to compute on).

This has consequences:

  • it limits the people that can help me - since most do not write code
  • it makes quick editing cumbersome
  • requires a lot of extra code

Features needed:

  • Types: tags, numbers, text, link to other fields
  • Filtering
  • Sorting
  • (ideally) Grouping by tags and subgrouping
  • Multiple views

Is there open source software or anyone that built a nice table UX that is editable and generates a json?
Has anyone looked into building this?

Hi nicola, these are interesting suggestions! You can sort and filter in the data table cell, but you can’t edit the values. Definitely something we should consider.

Would you mind logging this as a feature request in our feedback repo?