Notebooks not rendering

Hi there,

Not sure if it’s my web browser settings, but no notebook will render the output of the cells.
Here is from console (same message on all of them):


Seemed to be because I had multiple observable tabs open, just closed all of them and working fine now :slight_smile:

For future reference — in the current versions of Chrome, if one of your notebooks (for whatever reason) causes that tab to hang … generally all of your open tabs to will also hang until you close and reopen all of them.

I know, it’s a pain.

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My workflow for hanging Observable tabs is:

  1. If I know it’s the current tab that’s causing the perfomance drain, I open up the Sources tab in dev tools and pause, then stop, the worker thread.
  2. Otherwise I pull up the activity monitor and kill the “Google Chrome Helper” process that’s eating up all the CPU. This will cause all cell contents in all open notebooks to go black, which makes it easy to spot any notebooks I may need to reload.
  3. The biggest gotcha might be breakpoints and debugger; statements: Pausing a script in one tab will also pause execution of other notebooks, with the effect that cells will stay blank even if you reload the page.
    In this case I have to look through all Observable tabs where the dev tools are open.
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