nom run build and errors

When I run npm run build and load the index.html file in dist/, I see the following error in my Safari JS console (and my tables etc don’t load)

Even if I uncheck this in Safari nothing loads

What have I missed?
Thanks much

You can’t generally just open an HTML file in your browser directly (using file:/// URL). You need to use a static file server to serve a project, such as http-server. As shown in the Getting started tutorial, you can try this:

npx http-server dist

Oh thank you! Clearly I lack web developing background. I hosted on a website and it works lovely now.

Interestingly, despite the CSV file im loading is less than 10MB, when I load it on an iPhone Pro 15 or an iPad Pro 12.9, it has bad alloc error.

Works excellently on Desktop.

Thanks ! its fun using observable framework.