No notifications sent for merges

I haven’t received any merge notifications for the last three suggestions that I made. The time spans between suggestion and merge range from less than a minute to several hours.

I have not (knowingly) unsubscribed from merge notifications.

Hi @ mootari sorry for not receiving any notifications. We’re checking to see if there’s a problem on our end and will follow-up.

You’re in the unsubscribe group for all “Comments and Suggestions.” (We had thought about splitting up the unsubscribe groups between comments and suggestions, but decided that would be too confusing in the end.)

I can take you back out?

While we’re on the topic though, what level of granularity do you think would serve you best? We currently support unsubscribe from:

  1. Individual notebooks’ comments
  2. Certain email types
    A. Comments and suggestions (comments, open suggestions, suggestion merges, …)
    B. Account-related (team invites, …)
    C. Marketing
  3. All

Yes, please (edit: just did it myself, via an old email preferences link). As mentioned above, I have not consciously unsubscribed from either. Do you happen to have the date and time of the unsubscribe action on record?

That sounds like a reasonable granularity. So far I haven’t had the desire to unsubscribe from any Observable mails (as far as I recall), so I may not be the best target for that question.

To be honest, I’m more concerned with the lacking possibilities to opt back in - but your question suggests that this might happen in the near future. :slight_smile:

I’ll DM you about unsubscribe details. I think you may still be unsubscribed?

We’ve seen some deliverability/immediate-unsubscribe issues in the past for team invites, but our “fix” to that was to basically ignore any unsubscribe settings for those important emails. I’m wondering if some email clients are triggering unsubscribes unintentionally?

Update: Visnu and I discussed the problem, and it turned out to be a misinterpretation on my part of the subscription settings, caused by mismatching channel descriptions:

So when I selected “Yes, I do want to ‘Receive emails when …’”, what I actually did was to opt out of that channel. :man_facepalming:

The updated descriptions do a better job of conveying the intent:


We’ve also updated our SPF records to hopefully improve remaining email deliverability issues, possibly related to spam detection.