Mathematica Cloud Interface and slider question

Hello everyone

I am a newbie and had coded in D3 a couple of years back and love the new notebooks platform.

Two questions:

  1. I have analytics applications which run on Wolfram Cloud and I have API/URLs which output some json structures which I like to call from the observable notebook. The ApI is just a URL that once accessed outputs json text.

  2. A:I see some example maps with sliders for animation, I like to learn more about that, nothing fancy just master these sorts of geo map apps.

B: I like to publish the notebook but without code for non-programmers to run the slider and the map, need to learn that too.

Happy for Mr. Bostock and all of the good people at your place, let me know if I could be of any help.

Dara O Shayda
Kilkenny Ireland

Hi Dara! I love Wolfram Cloud; I was just playing with it the other day to do some high school calc I’ve long since forgotten how to do. I’m curious about interoperability and look forward to seeing what you come up with!

1 — That sounds great, you should be able to fetch JSON from an API; let me know if there’s something specific here I can help with. Here’s a very simple example: Simple JSON fetch example / Toph Tucker / Observable

2A — Here’s an example that uses a slider to animate data over time; here’s one that uses sliders to rotate the view. Sliders are examples of what we call “views”.

2B — You can un-pin the code for any cell by clicking the blue thumbtack :pushpin: to the left of the code; then it’ll be hidden by default, until you click on the left side of a cell to open or close. It’s not possible to publish a notebook but keep its code totally hidden for everyone; we think one of the virtues of the platform is that every reader might be an editor.

Sláinte from just north of NYC, and thank you for your kind words and your time!

My pleasure Mr. Tucker

Thank you for kind and detailed response. I will make a quick reply now and then attend to the individual topics separately.

We are a strategic partner of Wolfram Research Inc. and our organization looked at D3 some 5 years back and it was then just a plot library, while impressive could not productize and deploy.

We followed Bostock’s work over the years and now with this concept of notebooks we can productize and deploy in a professional and effective manner.

First, if you like to review STEM sciences and discrete math and all that, I can share with you huge collections of well tested and developed modules in Mathematica which are in circulation in North America and Europe and Africa and India.

Open Source Mathematica code + no fees required for you to obtain the modules.

These are all web deployed and all have an accompanying Mathematica notebook, compatible with version 12.1 .

If you are interested to risk your sanity and code in Mathematica and interface to Observable notebooks, join me and we could make nice and useful examples.

Today I will review the examples you posted and respond accordingly.

I think Mathematica Observable interface via JSON is absolute winner for Observable, but I will not pitch it to them, I will do my own thing and provide to our customer bases.

Hope we carry one and do something useful

Dara O Shayda
Kilkenney Ireland

Hello again

Added a tiny sample of Wolfram Cloud interface from Observable

Probably will enlist your help with some issues with sliders and etc.

Also could throw in a lot of code and ed modules if you have need any specific area in math, gratis of course.