Markdown formatting for blockquote (>)

Minor issue…

I tend to use blockquote > in markdown, which works in Observable, however your render for > lacks any visual styling beyond the indentation.

For me, I’m used to seeing a light gray vertical bar next to the blockquote on the left…I use blockquote for “todo” or notes in markdown sometimes, and that style (or similar) is kinda of visual clue my brain looks to know if some text for me vs. text I’m writing for others.

Not a huge deal, but does just look like someone added too many space on a line, which isn’t even easily possible in MD…

Otherwise, becoming quite the fan of Observable! I’d been on the fence to upgrade an old copy Mathematica to their cloud stuff for a while…but I knew node/JS (and coffee) pretty well these days and didn’t want to learn DSL — I now just have to wait for more NPM modules to be available in ES6+ to avoid the “module debugger” notebook.


Hey Anthony,

Sure - we try to keep our text defaults pretty understated – but because notebooks are the web stack, the left margin on blockquotes can be replaced with a gray border by using a <style> tag in a cell: here’s an example:


Great - that’s actually useful way to solve these style things beyond <blockquote>…just never thought about having a “styling” cell to do it.