Make size of a table larger

Hey there I am trying to make a table that is larger than the standard size, however simple styling is not working, anything I am missing?

html`<table width=900><tr><td>He</td><td>Ho</td><tr><td>He</td><td>Ho</td></table>`

You’ll want to give your table this css rule: max-width: none;. (And I’d actually recommend you go with something fluid like <table style="width: 100%; max-width: none;"> instead of a fixed px size, but that’s your call :))

The default styling of page apparently sets a max-width: 640px. You can find this kind of stuff out, BTW, by opening up the developer tools of your browser (Firefox / Chrome), and then browsing through the applied styles of the table element. That’s how I found that max-width: 640px rule.