Live histogram chart with play and pause button

Hi Guys!

I am a begginer in d3. I have a requirement to design a histogram chart with the play/pause and zoom-in/zoom-out button. The idea is to activate the movement of chart with live data using play button and the chart should move over the x-axis and it should stop moving after click of pause button. The zoom-in/zoom-out button helps to zoom-in/zoom-out over the x-axis which is time axis and on click of zoom-in/zoom-out button it will increase or decrease the time difference between the ticks. The attached picture shows the exact requirement of the chart. Can I get some help to built this chart in the accurate way possible.

Hi @starun26
This is not exactly what you are asking, but you should check out Mosaic vgplot which is included in Observable Framework. It provides some pretty amazing data filtering tools for large datasets, including interactivity over histograms and cross-filtering data based on that.

It may not be visually exactly what you are looking for but it may provide you with a path to get the desired interactivity.

Otherwise, you will have to spend some more learning D3 and looking at examples such as this, which may get you close to what you need.