Linked input: 2 datasets

I am working on a POC that has 2 datasets that are needed to drive 2 different charts. I have 2 files that are representative the of the datasets (1) bill - state and bill identifier and (2) bill_vote - state and bill identifier & actually votes cast for the bill. (NOTE: the reason for the separation is that the bill_vote dataset will grow exponentially)

What has been built so far is a view that allows the drill down input of the bill based on state & year & signed by governor filters.

What I am trying to do is tie the Select bill input to the vote_bill dataset so when a bill is selected it will select the bill identifier for the bill_vote dataset, eliminating the need for the redundant Select bill vote input

Below is the link to the chart - any help is appreciated in advance,

Thanks - Mike

You’d filter your dataset by the bill identifier (both .id and .identifier will work):

bill_vote.filter(d => === bill_select[0].id)

But it appears that you have minimal overlap between the two. Vote data only seems to be available for 30 bills:

  const key = d =>;
  const a = new Set(;
  return [ Set(].filter(d => a.has(d));

Thanks - this works! - I know the datasets are not in sync - I am refactoring a bug my queries