Line chart component that is full responsive and has mouse tooltip feature using React, typescript.

I want to create a react component like following chart.

Is there a template like this?

I have created a similar type of chart using vanilla JavaScript, incorporating D3.js and Konva. This might assist you in creating the chart you need in React.

Thank you. @imakashram

Responsive charts can be pretty tricky, as there’s a lot of moving parts. They don’t really follow the same rules as either images or text in terms of filling their container.

I once started on a React/Typescript data-vis library that aimed to make responsiveness a first-class feature, but couldn’t really generate much interest.

Drop me a DM if you want to chat further.

Thank you @CAYdenberg

I wrote a bit of a case study in response to your question. Although it’s a bit late (these things take time), you may still find it useful: Responsive charts: a case study | Living Pixel