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Let’s talk about Observable Suggestions


Top-notch feedback. Thank you, Philippe!


I have just commented on then closed (without merging) a suggestion I received from @severo; I have no idea if he received my comment (in which I explained why I was closing w/o merging). (Fortunately we have a back channel so, no harm done).


Yes, I received two mails: “Fil commented…” and “Fil (@fil) has closed a suggestion…”. But I understand the problem is that you didn’t have that feedback in the interface.


I generally like the idea. (Great work folks!)

It seems to work well for typo fixes, minor suggestions, etc., which is probably the primary goal.

I do wonder a bit though about how future-accessible the comment discussions will be. Seems like it might still be best to handle more major feedback/collaboration out of band (e.g. on this forum or email).


I don’t see how I can reply to a suggestion? Someone has suggested changed to my notebook, but I actually forked someone else’s notebook and I and to communicate this to the suggester. I don’t see how to do this.


The easiest way would be to comment on the suggestion directly, like so (before closing it):

Does that help?


Yes, it does. thanks


Still getting bitten (or almost bitten) by this UI issue: the “resolve” button is just under the mouse and makes an irreversible action of disappearing the thread. I wish we had something more fool-proof (or @fil-proof :tired_face:).

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