Layers, adding datasets to existing ones - noob issue

I have two (or more) datasets that I would like to display on one map. I feel like this should be straightforward but clearly I’m doing something wrong. Please help?

I’m equally happy with some links to help me learn this than explicitly fixing the code, thanks!

I’ve tried to tackle this in three different ways so far, I suspect I may be doing the same thing wrong in each case:

  1. In this notebook the basemap is in d3, with the wards and their centroids indicated (fil kindly helped me with getting the centroids there, but I don’t 100% understand how he got there). Now I want to put the WWTW (wastewater treatment works) locations on the same map, and I can’t seem to. There can be several issues. The centroids array is already projected and in pixels, while the WWTW is in latlong, and gets projected in the cell. So possibly, one way of fixing it is to convert one set to the other. I have managed to get both to display in a vl cell, but not at the same time (see WWTW2map cell).

  2. In this notebook I have worked in Leaflet, and have the opposite problem. I managed to get the WWTW data on there, but can’t get the centroid data in.

  3. Then I was blown away by fil’s Map Layers Perspective notebook, but on forking it and putting in my own data, I get stuck. I have tried one dataset at a time to see if any work in isolation, but so far no luck. I have fiddled with the bounds to see if I’m just focusing in the wrong geo area, but I’m stumped to tears.

I apologise in advance if this is ultra noob. I’ve fiddled as much as I can figure out, and am now trying to go back to basics and learn whatever the first principles could be - any tutorial links would be much appreciated!

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