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layering multiseries plots


i am using vizsla and vega-lite to visualize data. visualizing data with one series is fine, but i am having trouble visualizing data with multiple series of information on layers.

i found this example (Multi-View Composition / UW Interactive Data Lab / Observable), which shows how layered visualizations can work, but only allows for 2 layers. if i try to create more, i receive errors for anything over .y2(). for one graph, i have 48 columns, and others have more. my data is in the form of the data presented in “data_0” (drop-down menu: Multi Series Line Chart with Tooltip / Vega / Observable). is the only way to visualize the data is to transform it into the form presented in “source_0”? is it possible to use the data in the form of “data_0” and iterate through each column to visualize the data as tuples with the first column, which would be analogous to “date” in the given model?

ultimately, i intend to create an interactive graph, where graphs are visible if enabled and combined (summed if more than one button is enabled) by buttons.

thanks in advance.

solved with arquero