Is there a way apply numeric localization, as if it were a notebook-wide configuration parameter?

I need often to use Italian number localization (. for thousands separator and , for decimal).

Is there a way to set it one time in a cell, as if it were a notebook-wide configuration parameter?

Thank you

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What do you use right now? You might be able to write a function that calls the formatting function with the right parameters, and import that into your notebooks. You’ll still have to call it, but you might be able to make that faster and easier.

We have a couple of related issues and feature requests:

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Thank you. Every time I need (a chart value, a text label, a tooltip value, a table field) I set it forcing the format, and sometimes I have to do it dozens of times.

I see. Here’s a quick test of what I was thinking of. You can make a notebook with a formatting function (or several) that you can then import elsewhere. This doesn’t rely on the locale being set, so it doesn’t have this race condition where it has to load the locale before you call the functions.

As Fabian pointed out, this is something we should address in the product, but hopefully this at least makes this a bit easier and less open to chance.

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In my example I have in output also thousands separators. If I set in your code ",.2f" I do not have the thousands separators.

Am I wrong?

I think it was because I had missed the grouping field. I’ve updated it, should work now!

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Also see / related: Disable/change thousand separators in Inputs.table?