Is it possible to have a Table of Contents (ToC) on the left of the page?

Hello all,
I have seen the tool to make toc in the page.
import {toc} from “@nebrius/indented-toc”

But what if I want a toc docked on the left of the page which would not move with mouse?



Yup, that would be great. You may want to add your thoughts to the existing feature request here: Auto-Create a "Table of Content" · Issue #67 · observablehq/feedback · GitHub

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Hi Cobus, Thank you for the suggestion. I have post it on the page.

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Just in case you haven’t seen it — we do have a minimap sidebar pane, opened with this button on the right, which lists the names of cells (and shows connections between them if a cell is focused):

But yeah, it doesn’t show headings, like from Markdown.

Hi tophtucker, thank you for the information that I didn’t know. It more or less can help me finding my target cells efficiently.

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