Is it possible to diff two draft notebooks?

While drafting a new notebook, I regularly fork it and bump a version number in the title in order to be able to go back to a working version when I break it. Sometimes I’m having a hard time to find out what I have done since the last working version. Is it possible to diff two notebooks? If not, is it possible to get a text representation of them so the diff can be made offline?

Ideally, full version control would be preferred as suggested in Are IDE-like functions, or integrability with IDEs, on the roadmap, or is focus presentation?, but until then…

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I would really love to see some kind of pure-plain-text-file version of an Observable notebook. That seems like it would be the most convenient form for storing in git or the like, and would be easy to build flexible tooling on top, including IDE integration, diffs, etc.

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