Inconsistent results downloading tgz from api.observablehq, Files with `import define1 from "./undefined.js";`


I am building a website using Gatsby and observable, see here.

Today, the website build unexpected broke due to a change in behaviour yarn installing the dependencies from api.observablehq.

Specifically, entering:
into my web browser (or yarn installing) yields a 74Kb file.
This file contains a single js file which starts with

import define1 from "./undefined.js";
import define2 from "./undefined.js";

This results in build errors.

If I download the file by clicking ... -> download code in the notebook (i.e. here), I get a working 152Kb tgz archive, in which I have a series of javascript files. My main file then starts with a series of lines like:

import define1 from "./cf65dae7f4607b19@156.js";
import define2 from "./ab12e7a3fdc4f2be@164.js";

and everything works correctly.

This behaviour has changed recently, because the site built correctly around a couple of weeks ago.

Thanks very much for any help with this.


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Thanks for the report! We just deployed a fix. Apologies for the bug.


thanks so much!