Importing entire notebooks

Hello good people!

Is it possible to import all the cells in a notebook without specifying them individually? I’m going to be doing a lot of similar stuff - so I’m trying to build a library of commonly used methods.

For example, I’d like replace the last cell in this this notebook with something like “import all…”.


Not sure how to get all the way there, but if you’re using Chrome or another browser that supports dynamic imports, you can use this function:

async function importAll(id){
  const module = await import(`${id}.js`);
  return `import {${
    module.default.modules[0].variables.filter(v => !v.from).filter(v => =>', ')
  }} from "${id}"`;

to automatically generate an import statement that you can then copy and put elsewhere.
For example, put the above function into its own cell and then


in a different cell and you’ll get

`import {d3, make_svg_path_from_data, mod, MakeStandardAxes} from "@ronzor/common"` 

as output, which you can copy and paste into another cell.

(It’s in principle possible to create a version of importAll that works in Firefox by e.g. parsing the output of getSource in @mootari’s Version Pinning notebook, but I won’t try to do that now.)


Thanks! It’s good to know that the solution might be browser dependent.