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I am a Cloud/Security/App consultant

Hello, I develop a lot of notebooks in the security/serverless/cloud space and am an Observable Ambassador. If you need some help building your own notebooks that require privileged operations and 3rd party integrations I am available for short term gigs.

If you want to pick up the phone and chat for sanity checking and rubber ducking, you can book me on Office Hours

If you need a longer engagement e.g. design and development work then connect with me https://www.linkedin.com/in/tom-larkworthy-74a3263/ My default rates are in the order of $200 an hour, but if you are a non-profit/NGO/Opensource/ethics focussed we can arrange something as I am happy to support good causes too.

I am ex-Firebase (pre acquisition), ex-Google Cloud with extensive experience working on the foundations of modern cloud, with 2 years of technical consultancy experience too (ex- https://futurice.com) in Tech lead/Architect/SRE/SWE roles obtaining NPS score of 10 and the highest value creator in the company of 600. Based in Berlin so US communications are done in US mornings.