How to view generative art?

my headers are much simpler

still at it? how about that XHR tab screen share where all the CORS preflight requests are captured?

do try it in the latest FF Quantum. It has better XHR requests capture display for new users.

good luck!

I suggest you guys (@thirdtry & @jashkenas) get on a mic on Skype or Hangouts and resolve this and tell us what this mystery was about later.

@thirdtry — that “Provisional headers are shown” warning tells us that the request isn’t actually being sent (to, and that therefore the Access-Control-Allow-Origin header can’t possibly be received.

So, a few more things to investigate:

  • Do you have any Chrome Extensions installed? If so, try disabling them…
  • Do you have any kind of proxy software installed? If so, try without it…

If neither of those things are the case, we can find out more by using Chrome’s “net-internals”. In a separate window, you can navigate to:


… and then in the original window, reload The net-internals tab will log a lot of details — and looking exactly at what it says about the events for the “bundle…js” request should tell us more.

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