How to have shared tooltip and zoom

I am new to Observable.

I have simulation data which contains 100 signals from time 0 to 600secs.

I want to have a drop down where user can select the signals of interest and they are plotted in separate line charts with max 3 per row. See Untitled / Selva's Workspace | Observable for example.

On this, I want shared zoom and shared tip.

Shared zoom:
On zooming one chart all the charts should zoom to same x limits. For example, say on reset or load first time, the x axis of all charts are from 0 to 600s. Now I zoom the 2nd chart from 0 to 100s, I want all the charts to zoom from 0 to 100s.

Shared tips:
On hovering 3rd chart at x=67s, I want to see the values of all charts’ signals at x=67s.

How can I achieve repeating charts based on user selection in dropdown, shared zoom and shared tip?

Panning and zooming is not supported natively at this moment. Please vote up on this issue Panning and zooming · Issue #1590 · observablehq/plot · GitHub

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