how to (elegantly) parse a *.csv FileAttachment ?

A bit of a revision to this question:

I see from File Attachments that I can render CSV data by converting it to text, as follows:

named_cell = FileAttachment("example.csv").text()

But then to parse these data, I have to run d3.csvParse(named_cell).

Can I avoid the two-step process and do this in a single cell?

Neither of these attempts work:



I think the File Attachments notebook already has a suggestion for a one line solution, including an explanation why the await keyword is needed then. Are you looking for another option ?

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Yep, to reiterate the notebook you linked, it’s:

d3.csvParse(await FileAttachment("myFile.csv").text())

(And you can use d3.autoType if you’re so inclined.)

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Apologies for being totally blind, and thank you @andreasplesch and @mbostock.

Also, for convenience: d3-autotype [And wow! autotype is very handy!!]