How to accumulate data everyday

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What i want is to do everyday web scrapping, takes some data from any sites and accumulate that data into a cell for example into array. However the problem is the cell have run button, so if i click it accidentally, all data accumulated on that cell will be wiped out and the array will be empty back.

Can anyone help me how to preparring cell or variable with initial value that will never reseting its value at anytime.

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Can you include a link to a notebook with the described behavior ?

Please refer to

SomeArr always reset its value when i re-open the url…
What i want is SomeArr keep continue accumulating its content even when i leave its web page?

Is there any solution?

Observable is not the right tool for this. You’ll have to use an external service or setup your own server process to accumulate the data, e.g. via

You can then use an external cron service to regularly “awaken” your glitch instance and have it fetch the data.

More details on persisting data with can be found here:



I will take a look at

Get BlueMail for Android

For another approach, see this tutorial on using AWS:

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Will persisting data to local storage help you? This notebook shows how we can add data to local storage for a cell. Note: You have to sync the localstorage and cell value though.

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