How do I make the Billions unit show as B instead of G in Observable Plot?

Hi, I literally searched everywhere but I can’t find a way of using B for Billion instead of G for Giga in the Observable/plot on the legends. I’m putting together some accounting charts and I need it to say B. What is the way to do it?

Thank you.

I guess you could specify the tickFormat option and then call .replace on the resulting string , as in

  x: { tickFormat: (x) => d3.format("0.2s")(x).replace("G", "B") },
  y: { tickFormat: (x) => d3.format("0.1s")(x).replace("G", "B") },
  marks: [
        .map(() => [10 ** 10 * Math.random(), 10 ** 10 * Math.random()])

Thank you so much Professor! This worked! <3