Help with Plot.frame

In this visualization (Career of Nobel laureates in literature / PAC / Observable), I’ve tried to add a Plot.frame mark to my graph. But it doesn’t appear at all in the output. I don’t understand why. If anyone has a clue, I’d be grateful.

It’s the padding option. In Plot, this option refers to the padding for ordinal scales and is typically in a value between [0, 1] representing the proportion of available space reserved to separate bands (in this case, separating the facets). You’ve set it to 10, which is equivalent to 1, which causes the bands to collapse. If you delete this option the frames will reappear.


Thanks you so much for your answer. Padding and inset are still confusing for me.

I think it would be worth to add a warning in Frame Mark / Observable Plot / Observable / Observable and explains that padding should be less than 1.