get id of current cell to tell custom visualization where to plot

Is there a way to get the id of the current cell (e.g. r#) so that I can tell my custom visualization library ( where to insert the visualization into the HTML DOM?

You can see the problem here

I did not pass in an CSS id and it defaulted to full screen.

It’s possible to get the r# ID by creating an HTML element in a cell and then querying for its parent ID (see e.g. this notebook), but this is kind of a hack so I wouldn’t rely on it. I think it would be more reliable to define a named cell as in this fork:

There I used the fact that you can pass a reference to an HTML element as args.container. I also added some code to clean up the something div so that rerunning cgm(args) won’t keep appending more copies of the graphic to that cell.

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Thanks for the help. I merged in some changes from Tom MacWright (, but I need to spend some time comparing solutions.