gantt like chart to show operation mode during the month

I have been browsing through the examples etc. but either they are very complex or I fail at simple things when forking them.
I want to replace my excel based chart by observable but would love to get some guidance on how to do it
any help is highly appreciated

enjoy your weekend

Can you describe which examples you’ve tried and why/how they failed to work for you?

I played arount with Build a simple interactive Gantt chart / packelend | Observable but got frequent “SyntaxError: Unexpected token”. In addition, I tried to make a thick x-grid line every three months, so every three months the line is thicker, but all approaches (e.g. d3.timeMonths) failed and reported errors were not helpful.
I found it too difficult to debug, so I gave up in the end.

If you have an idea how to do that; I’m keen to learn it.

To create the quarterly grid, add this mark:

Plot.gridX({ticks: "3 months", strokeWidth: 2})