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Future integration with npm private packages?

Our team at The Washington Post sometimes uses private npm packages. We also have a team account at Observable. It would be cool if we could use our private npm packages in our team’s private Observable notebooks. Is such a thing possible now? If not, will it be possible in the future?


Hi Harry, thanks for reaching out. We’re exploring the best solutions to recommend around the use of private npm packages and will get back to early next week.


Thanks Wayne!

Hi @HarryStevens apologies need a little more time. I Will follow-up next week.

Thanks for the update. And honestly, I did not ask the question with the expectation that there would be a solution now or even soon. It was just a feature I was thinking about and thought would be cool and useful. So whenever you guys get to it is great.

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could be useful to be able to point to a private npm registry like the CLI allows