Force Layout Circle Updates

Hi, I am trying to update my circles in a force layout however when I try this it doesn’t seem to work. I’ve been spending some time looking at examples to try to understand how the enter update exit pattern works in force layouts but haven’t really been able to understand it.

As far as I understand the order of my data isn’t really changing. However when the data inside is changed it seems to be restarting or resetting the layout, I could be wrong about this I’m not entirely sure.

I think this is due to the fact that when the data updates it is starting over again and resetting the simulation, but I don’t really want that. How could I go about dealing with is?

So far I’ve tried several different things. Working with the enter update pattern to try to make it update but haven’t had any success. If I try to isolate it so that the simulator is called only once it seems to not update at all. Any feedback would be appreciated as I’m not entirely sure what exactly it is I could be doing wrong.

I modified ticked in the hopes of it doesn’t something but instead caused a separate bug. I’m wondering if there’s a fundamental thing I missed or don’t understand correctly about how force layouts work.

Here’s an example I am currently using.