feature request: multiple notebook download / download all

It would be great if I could download all notebooks in my account in one go.

I can imagine that it would also be helpful were I to be able to download multiple notebooks, or an entire collection without having to click into each and to download individually.

Thank you for this amazing product. It has been incredible that I managed to catch the early days of the platform.


I haven’t investigated the backup solution, and I am worried that the notebooks might gone if something happens with the platform. I would feel more comfortable investing time in the tool knowing that the history will be preserved.

Hi @abitrolly

To a considerable degree, I feel that the Observable team helps us ensure that we can use notebooks even if the platform disappears through the regular download feature:

My particular request stems from the my usage habits for sharing notebooks. Overall, however, I raised the feature request because I think it’s good form to enable users to access all their information. I also agree that, in the event that suddenly someone pulls the plug on the platform, I’d appreciate a quick and easy way to get all my work!


It would also be useful when you need to grep something and the search feature is not precise enough


Then a sync tool would be better than download.

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I will venture to bump this as we re-visit outstanding requests. <3

Thanks Observable for this platform!

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